Teach them to fish or give them fish?

19 Sep

Taking a look at the two political themes conflicting in American politics today, I find the following messaging:

Republicans want to teach people how to fish for themselves,

Democrats wants to give people fish without them going out and fishing. Continue reading

A Falta de Pan Galletas …. Why?

3 Sep

Just read a post on an advertising industry website titled
“Niño que no llora no mama”…. The post was regarding Univision and their lead news anchors disapproval with the Commission on Presidential Debates lack on inclusion of a Hispanic journalist amongst the journalist to interview the Presidential candidates in the 2012 Presidential Debates.
Continue reading

Does Technology = DUMB ?

12 Aug

Had the opportunity the other day to sit down with a group of teenagers (a MULTICULTURAL sample between 15 – 17 years of age) that were all tweeting or doing the social stuff they all do nowadays. None were talking or tweeting among themselves, but all sitting in the same living room at a home I was visiting.

Interesting enough I was able to get their attention for about five (5) minutes away from their technology. Continue reading

Despues de Dios voy Yo!

31 Jul

Our Latin culture many of times makes us insensitive to others. There is in our culture a sentiment that we get our own, we are first before others and we tend to bring this out when we are driving our cars even more.

The phrase “Despues de Dios voy Yo!” or ” After God I come next!” was repeated to me by my father every time the following scenario unfolded when we were in the car. Continue reading

Go USA !

27 Jul

Having been brought up with Argentine, Polish, Irish, Puertorrican and Cuban cultural traits, but lived most of my life since 1977 in the United States.

During the Olympics in London 2012, I can only say …

Go USA and looking forward to the amazing accomplishments our Latino athletes will contribute to Team USA!

Something Funny Happened On My Way Back to Miami … Comcast, Disney, Forbes, Fox, hispanic market, Hispanics, Sofia Vergara

27 Jul

By Alberto Padron – Zubi Advertising and Zubination

Returning from a business trip to the Midwest on Monday, I had one thing on my mind: Getting back home to my uber-Spanglish bicultural existence in Miami. While at the Detroit airport, I stop into a shop to grab a bottle of water and a pack of gum when out of the corner of my eye I see the current edition of Forbes Magazine, with Sofia Vergara on the cover. I’m not ready to confess if it was Forbes powerful brand appeal that caught my attention or Sofia. In either case, I picked up the magazine and thought, “Ha. That’s cool. I didn’t realize Forbes had launched a Latino offering.” A closer look revealed that this was no Latino offering. This was Forbes general market magazine. They decided to not just focus on Sofia, because that would be too easy and a cheap way to sell magazines, right? So they widened the focus to address the Hispanic economic opportunity largely unrealized by U.S. Advertisers and general market media companies. The headline reads: “The Next Media Jackpot: Murdoch, Comcast and Disney Battle for Control of the $1 Trillion Hispanic Market” Continue reading

NBCUniversal’s coverage of 2012 London Summer Olympic Games on your computer.

25 Jul

Comcast’s Xfinity TV, in agreement with NBCUniversal, announced a multiplatform content offering for NBCUniversal’s coverage of the London 2012 Olympic Games to commence on Wednesday, July 25 through Sunday, August 12. Designed to provide video subscribers with access to NBCUniversal’s more than 5,535 hours of unprecedented Olympic programming, this offering represents the largest number of total Olympics hours ever. Xfinity TV will offer NBCUniversal’s Olympic content live and on-demand, across multiple digital, mobile and tablet platforms, and for the first time ever, the Games will be available in 3D.

CLICK HERE to view all of the London 2012 Olimpics.


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